Features of communication of adolescents with intellectual disabilities in the interpersonal relations

  • Lidiia Viktorivna Drozd
  • Yuliia Oleksandrivna Bystrova
Keywords: verbal communication, conflicts, interpersonal relations, teenagers, intellectual disabilities, statements, perception


The purpose of the research is theoretical justi­fication and development of a step-by-step diag­nostic program of the study of communication of adolescents with intellectual disabilities. Methods: theoretical (analysis and generalization of theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the research to identify the status of problem concerned and prom­ising trends of its study) and empirical (psychological and pedagogical experiment to examine verbal state­ments, emotional responses in a conflict, ways of cop­ing and solving challenging real-life situations, a com­plex of projective and objective techniques to study a personal assessment, objective reasons of conflicts and features of behavior of adolescents with intellectual disabilities in the conflict situations; comparative analysis of production and perception of statements and frustration situations) research methods. Diag­nostic results show that a high level of aggressive statements or inadequate judgments and actions is common to adolescents with intellectual disabili­ties which correlate with a low level of socialization in the group of same-age peers and choice of behav­ior strategy during the conflict. It is established that adolescents with intellectual disabilities can master and comprehend communication styles in a specific context as compared to a practical situation. The paper substantiates they are characterized by impul­sive actions and statements, difficulties in the catch­ing of implication of statements, their fragmentary understanding, inability to formulate the opinion and to draw a conclusion on the obtained informa­tion, the challenges in the establishment of cause-and-effect relations, misinterpretation of interlocu­tor’s emotions, the transfer of communication skill to new conditions. Conclusions. The data obtained will be used in developing the program for communica­tion correction of adolescents with intellectual disabilities as a key for their successful socialization, set and implementation of life plans.


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