Licencing and Copyright Terms

The journal follows the policy of the open access (Open Access). All the articles are located permanently and free of charge at once after the issue’s publication. The full textual access to the Journal’s scientific articles in the real time mode is presented in the official site of the Journal in the Part Archives (

It corresponds to the definition of the open access from BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative – The license policy of the journal is compatible with the most number of policies of the open access and archiving of materials.

Authors whose articles are published in open-access retain copyright to the content of the articles. The publisher is granted the right to make the first publication of the article. Open access articles can be published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) 4.0 ( which allows content to be copied, adapted, displayed, distributed, re-published or otherwise re-used for any purpose including for adaptation and commercial use provided the content is attributed.