Publication fee

Publishing fees

The journal charges a publication fee to cover the costs of providing and maintaining the publication process and output, managing the journal, and processing articles through the peer review and editorial process. This fee is usually covered by the author’s institution, research funds, or authors. The increased volume of the manuscript, repeated review, repeated checking of text matches, correction of English and Ukrainian texts, technical editing of the text, technical correction of tables and figures, and other additional revisions all affect the amount of the publication fee. When an article is accepted for publication, the publication fee is paid. The publishing house of the scientific journal “IPDS” allows all authors to order a printed copy of their published work.

The editors of the scientific journal continue to post the full Ukrainian version of the article alongside the English version for the purpose of development and integration of Ukrainian psychological science in the global space, as well as convenient familiarization of the scientific community with “IPDS” issues.


After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, it is translated into a second language (English manuscripts into Ukrainian, Ukrainian manuscripts into English). The editors advise authors to use licensed translators. Translation (checking) costs are as follows:

  • full translation of the article into English from Ukrainian – no more than $5 US for 1800 characters (with spaces);
  • full translation of the article into Ukrainian from English – no more than $5 US for 1800 characters (with spaces);
  • verification (clarification) of the English-language article provided by the author – 40% of the cost of the full-text translation.

The journal offers free translation services to authors whose articles received the highest reviewer rating (95-100 points).