Empathy as a resource of socio-psychological support in the system of factors of volunteering

  • Hennadii Valeriiovych Koval
  • Larysa Valeriivna Spitsyna
Keywords: empathy, personal values, voluntary movement, gender-age differences, motivation


The article analyzes the role and place of empathyin the specifics of socio-psychological determinationof volunteering. The purpose of the research is to revealthe place and role of particular components of empathyin the system of factors of socio-psychologicaldetermination of volunteering. Research methods. Theresearch was undertaken through filling up a volunteerapplication form. In particular, this research relieson data obtained due to the processing of the followingmethods: Interpersonal Reactivity Index (“IRI”) byM. Davis and by Portrait Values Questionnaire (“PVQ”)by S. Schwartz. It is also based on the respondents’ gender-age characteristics. The survey sample comprises302 volunteers aged 17 to 80 from 15 Ukrainian cities. Results. Statistically significant differences betweenthe volunteers’ sample group and relevant normativesamples regarding variances in the most IRI indicatorshave been shown. The complex structure of interrelationsbetween particular components of empathyand value-motivational tendencies of a volunteer hasbeen reproduced. Moreover, the authors have foundout the gender-age differences between the volunteersin terms of the ascertained interrelations of the componentsof empathy and value-motivational tendencies.Conclusions. The research has identified empathy’speculiarities which are an important componentin the system of factors of socio-psychological determinationof volunteering and allow establishing interrelationwith the system of personal values of a volunteer,his age and gender. Thus, there is the interrelationbetween the personal value-motivational tendenciesand empathic recourse which a volunteer manages inemergency. Development prospect of the issue underconsideration involves a follow-up study and IRI adaptationfor Ukrainian sample.


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