Conditions of effectiveness of methods of supporting women’s psychological well-being in situations of temporary relocation

  • Diana Saveikiene
  • Nataliia Dmytrivna Volodarska
Keywords: adaptation, psychological well-being, gestalt therapy, fairytale therapy, group therapy, psychological defenses


Purpose. The article presents the research of problems of psychological assistance to women in temporary resettlement. Methods. Dialogue-phenomenological method, interviews, art-therapeutic methods: common drawings, “Wreath of Memories”. Results. The relevance of the research of the problem of individual’s psycholog­ical well-being in crisis situations is outlined. The urgent problems of psychological assistance to women tempo­rary migrants who have undergone changes in social conditions are highlighted. Theoretical and methodolog­ical approaches to the problem of recovering and main­taining the psychological well-being of the individual are determined. The influence of psychological defense mechanisms of the personality on the social adaptation in the conditions of temporary resettlement is described. The particularities of application of group and individ­ual psychotherapy techniques for activating the devel­opment of psychological well-being of personality are described. Conclusions. The effectiveness of techniques for emotional state psycho correction of temporarily resettled persons has been studied. It is determined that mobilization of women to the direct manifestations of their feelings, desires in dialogue with other persons, which intensifies their implementation, is an important condition for the effectiveness of the applied methods. Awareness and realization of these desires, openness in the manifestation of their desires, the manifestation of restrained emotions forms confidence in relation­ships with others, helps to maintain their own mental and physiological integrity. Possibilities of combination and use of art-therapeutic techniques and dialogue-phe­nomenological gestalt approach are determined. Rec­ommendations for the organization of psychological assistance to women in recovering their psychological well-being are given. Means of conducting techniques for reducing emotional stress of the personality are selected. The analysis of obstacles in the social adapta­tion of the personality in crisis situations is carried out. The obtained empirical results of the study will contrib­ute to effective organization of psychological support.


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