“Insight: the psychological dimensions of society” is a scientific and theoretical journal of psychological focus established in 2018.

Certificate of the state registration of the print media: КВ № 23692-13532Р dated 17.12.2018

Centre International de l'ISSN: 2663-970X (Print) 2664-6005 (Online)

The journal covers topical issues of psychological theory and history of psychological thought; personality psychology; pedagogical and developmental psychology; social psychology; organizational psychology; legal, economic and other branches of psychological science.

The journal also informs about the events of academic life and psychological education in Ukraine, presents reviews of scientific papers and guides on psychological topics.

The editorial staff provides every published paper with DOI (Digital Object Identification).

Frequency: biannual.


The editorial board carries out external and internal reviews of all articles. The editorial board consists of the leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists. The journal cooperates with the best Ukrainian and foreign Universities, governmental and local authorities. Such cooperation involves publication of information content and scientific articles, implementation of round tables on the basis of the journal office. The journal contains scientific-theoretical and practical data on topical general-theoretical and branch psychological issues.

We invite all those who wish to collaborate with our journal and propose you to publish your articles. The journal attracts interest not only of scientists but also practitioners, who will find a lot of useful information for their activities.


Yours sincerely,
I. S. Popovych
Chief Editor,
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Full Professor,
Professor of Department of General and Social Psychology,
Kherson State University